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Don’t Play The Waiting Game

With the current state of the economy and fluctuations of the real estate market, the decision that many homeowners face in the “cost vs benefit” of listing their home the conventional way has become more relevant and common.  The entire process has many people second-guessing on whether a real estate agent is even a good fit for their situation.  The trend of uncertainty of the traditional listing process and the waiting with no guarantee of a sale, has many individuals avoiding real estate agents all together and looking towards direct cash-for-homes buyers.  This route eliminates the guess work and waiting of listing a home and hoping a buyer will come along.  The certainty of a cash buyer, without the wait, takes the stress out of home selling and helps people with their situations.

We, at CitiHomes Group, have helped and are eager to help homeowners from all-walks of life with their situations by offering a hassle-free fair cash offer for their property.  No cleaning, staging, fixing, or updating needed for us.  We have experienced professionals who can see the home for what it is and know the fair offer to give you.

Fast isn’t a typical word associated with hiring a real estate agent to sell your home, and they can’t guarantee a sale or promise a closing date.  In today’s world, technology has allowed for nearly instant fulfillment of orders and sales.  Should that not also apply to selling your home?  Due to your situation, you have a home you need to sell fast, why should you wait and hope it will sell?  That is why we at CitiHomes Group are proactive in helping property owners in Portland and surrounding areas in buying their properties fast for a fair cash offer. Even after you find a buyer with a traditional real estate agent, the hoping and waiting isn’t over.  Now you have to wait and see if the buyer’s financing is solid.  Why wait potentially weeks for the buyer to straighten out their financing just for the possibility of the sale falling through because of something on the buyer’s end? Why be punished for the other persons inability to have their financing ready-to-go?  Don’t lose valuable time and money with this possible situation, let us at CitiHomes Group buy your home fast for cash.  CitiHomes Group has the cash ready to make that sale, with no wait for any financing hurdles or problems.  You have been through enough, we are here to help you move on with your life.

Now that you have finally found a buyer after waiting for potentially weeks to months, now that they have finally gotten their financing in order, now you have to wait on the closing date.  Again, here is another waiting game that you are stuck in, with no guarantee that it will finalize.  There is still a chance it can fall through!  Imagine putting in all this time, money, and effort to find a buyer, just to have the deal fall through because of something that the buyer did or didn’t do.  Or what if the buyer asks for an extended closing date because they need more time: whether it’s more time to finalize the paperwork, more time because they are waiting for their lease to expire, or are contingent on selling their home first.  Again, why should you have to wait?  Why should your life be put on hold while they figure out their end of the deal?  You can’t put your life on pause for others.  That’s why selling to CitiHomes Group is a smart choice.  Our fair cash offer and ability to close in as little as 7 days is the right choice for people in difficult life situations that need to sell their home fast.  We can close when you want to!  When it benefits you!  Eliminate the waiting, get your money for your home in as little as 7 days!

CitiHomes Group is and has been the solution to many homeowners who don’t want to put up with the stress and anxiety of dealing with a real estate agent in a traditional listing.  We eliminate the potential problems with our fast fair cash offer to help you in what ever life has you in.  We don’t play the “waiting” game.  Why should you wait to sell your home?

Let us help you deal with your situation or hardship:

-Receive a fast fair cash offer

-Close in as little as 7 days

-No need to spend money on repairs or upgrades

-No need to clean up the property

-No need to pay for staging or decorations to show your home

-No commissions or fees

-And most of all…NO WAITING on getting the fast cash for your home that you need NOW!

CitiHomes Group is ready to help homeowners by buying their house fast for cash!  We buy homes all over Oregon, including:

CitiHomes Group doesn’t limit ourselves just to theses cities, we also offer fast fair cash offers on home and properties in the following counties:

  • Benton
  • Clackamas
  • Linn
  • Marion
  • Multnomah
  • Polk
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